New York Times Not Doing Their Job

“The New York Times is not doing their job…” said Carrie Prejean, former Miss California 2009

Source: New York Times Not Doing Their Job

New York Times Not Doing Their Job

Author: Lisa M. Dated 5/18/2016

“The New York Times is not doing their job…” said Carrie Prejean, former Miss California 2009 in an interview with fox news. We have totally underestimated the media and their powers and their ethics. We truly have become the sheep here being fed poison, poison being lies. This was published within the last few days by the NY Times, Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private. Well you don’t have to be a genius to figure out just by the title that this is probably bad. Check it out for yourself; it really makes him out to be a pompous pig. You are probably thinking as you read this, well he is! LOL! Regardless, that’s not the point. You think it’s the NY Times, it’s reputable news, right? As people, and of course especially woman, with IMPORTANT things like a Presidential Election going on, and with Donald Trump being the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party, we need to know information like this. Right? We need to know WHO is coming REALLY close to being the leader of this country. Right? ONLY if TRUE… what if it’s not.

Now, here is where it get’s sticky. Within 1 day a woman, named Rowanne Brewer, his ex girlfriend, came forward and said she was offended by this article, that she was misquoted, that her words were taken out of context and that the story was SPUN; Spun to obviously put Donald in a negative light. She went on to say that not only was the NY Times wrong they were not doing the right thing. They promised her that they would never put such a twist on newsworthy things like this. She was very upset, and went on about how he was a gentleman among other laudable statements about Donald Trump. Now another day comes and yet another woman has come forward, this one wasn’t an ex girlfriend this was Ms. California. Now I don’t claim to know much about beauty pageants, but I do know you need just as much brains as you do beauty to be a contestant. Not only did she say the same as his ex girlfriend, but this one went further and actually went on to say how much Donald Trump had helped her personally, and how she actually owes Donald Trump for being there for her at a time when no one else was. Hannity, that did the interview actually knew her story and confirmed she was going thru a really hard time and he remembered how Donald Trump stuck up for her. Below are the two video’s of these woman, watch for yourself. Miss California, I owe Donal Trump ALOT, Rowanne Brewer Says NY TIMES Mis-quoted her

Can we say they out and out lied, NO. The New York Times is not being honest, and if that’s the case the only conclusion we can come to is the information is NO GOOD. They are very crafty in that the statements were said, but they were USED to mislead the reader. When television and news first came about, this was not what they stood for and did. We as a society have totally underestimated the media; we have given them too much control and trust. This has got to stop! The NY Times is now a tabloid and think twice before you actually believe a story they publish. WE ALL NEED TO DO THIS TOGETHER.

With so many news and media organizations out there we HAVE to hold them accountable for their writings or how can we rely on the information? This is proof that we have underestimated the industry and we really can’t trust them. Now I never aspired to be a journalist, or a fact checker, but looking at the glass half full we need to realize how lucky we are as a society to have internet available to us. Now we have the tools to rise above and find the truth out on our own. To the writer of this New York Times article your dumbing us down has just smartened us up, thanks!



Author: Lisa M. Dated 5/17/2016


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